🚨 Please note that inquiries without security or agreement, whether written or verbal, does not constitute automatic booking or blocking of my calendar. Communication is a pertinent part of any business along with following the policies that Mo’ Flavorz has created to ensure a quality and professional flow and service. This goes for corporate businesses and organizations as no client is exempt from following a streamlined policy. It allows us to serve fairly, professionally & with assurance for both Mo‘ flavorz and the client.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had a few potentials within a week’s time that have reached out following inquiries and returned proposals without any form of guarantee or confirmation to move forward. Please understand that in this industry, it is extremely to Difficult to Provide service without contract or security that can result in a liability for both the client and the business with nothing to fall back on or refer to. If nothing else, I stand on providing quality service even if it means watching out for the betterment of Mo’ Flavorz. To be fair, I’ve been burned by a popular non-profit off of “good faith” in the past and choose not to travel that route without following the policy that is set for all to view before booking. Again, thank you and I look forward to serving each and everyone of you in the future. - Mo

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Mo' Offers Rental Options!

Check out our rental services and inquire for any event as an "add-on" to an existing booking or a stand-alone service. Services are of course like any other, based on availability.

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The Caterer/Private Chef

Whether you need an event of any size catered or a private dining (in-home) experience, we offer various styles and options.

No audience is too big or small. We also cater to the needs of the corporate and non-profit client. We will even provide a menu of examples to choose from. Complete the form in it's entirety to allow us to better assist and propose your request.

Note: Based on availability, we also provide "pre-ordered specialty/personalized pickups" and pickup catering options.

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The Mixologist

Mo' Flavorz, whenever not slinging pans, is mixing some of thee most amazing handcrafted adult beverages. While Mo' doesn't mind serving what's familiar, she's a master of mixing and creating signature beverages that become faves.

*Certified & Insured*

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  • Catering & Services Guide

    To view our catering services guide that houses important information such as policy, various services offerings, menu ideas and Inspo and more, please click this column to view.

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  • Cook & Vibe Demonstration Sessions

    Mo' offers sessions for groups as she demonstrates meal preparations while teaching convenient techniques and getting to know those present all in a moments time. It's a moment of bonding, learning and fun .

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  • Venue Inquiry

    While it's no secret that Mo' doesn't mind hosting very small meetings/gatherings in her own space of 20 or less, guest, she is also a full booking partner and preferred caterer of the "Festive On Augusta" event venue where she has the ability too book events for 80-100 guest.

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