Frequently Asked Questions..


Hours?  Our hours vary based on catering and booking schedules. For the most part, we are open to serve courtesy meals based on discretion Wed-Fri (12p-6p), Sat (12p-4p); closed Sun and Monday except for discretionary bookings; and admin days are Tuesdays in which we are flexible. Keep in mind that all hours have the potential to change at any point. I cater first, and then operate as a restaurant, second. 

What type of food does Mo' Flavorz specialize in? We do not have a particular specialty. To view foods that you possibly have the chance to look forward to, take a cook at our policy guide and view some of the things we offer for a general idea. If there is something that we can NOT do, we will set the expectation. 


What available services do you offer? We are typically a catering kitchen and would therefore provide catering, private dining (on and off-site), meal prep, specialty ordering, and various other products and service. The goal is to not place a limit on providing quality service. If there is something that we can NOT do, we will set the proper expectation from the very beginning. 


Can we "dine-in?" We are a catering kitchen where we prepare for caterings that include pickup/takeout options. Dine-in options are only available for new contract bridal tastings, meetings, catered meetings, private dining, small events, etc. However, there will be ticketed events that will allow dine-in on a first come, first serve basis; events such as: "Dining w/ Mo', Pain & Sip, Ladies Night, Game Night, etc. 


Do you deliver? We do not deliver. In the future, as time progresses and business grows, we plan on partnering with a third-party delivery service. 


Do you take phone orders? We do not. Everything is done online to maintain and track the system in place. Staff is limited and this allows us to stay on top of operations. 


Do you offer shipping options? We offer shipping for products such as beverages, sauces and seasonings only. Products are shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


What if I do not have "PayPal?" No worries! ShopPay offers various credit/debit card options that will allow you to make payment. You also have the ability to use Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and more...


Do you take CashApp? Absolutely NOT. Due to the legitimacy of Mo' Flavorz, business will not, under any circumstance, be handled using CashApp. 


Can I reserve a date without a deposit? No deposit and contract. No Date. No Holds. 


What if I am interested in a meal item that has an allergen (shellfish, nuts, etc)? Simply, make us aware. 


Will you serve alcohol? Alcohol will only be served on-site per event as requested following city/state guidelines. However, Mo' Flavorz will later operate under a full liquor license at a later date and time for privately catered events only.  For now, it is under a "per event" basis. This means with proper booking and notification, we can request a temporary permit from the city/state and add the minimal fee to your booking. 


What is the capacity to hold an event at your space? We will cater to up to 20 guests. This space can be used for very quaint events, meetings, etc. We ask that no guest loiters outside or in the parking lot during your event and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion; keeping the outside noise to a minimum. We would like to respect the neighboring businesses. Failure to abide will shorten the event and no refunds will be given. Mo' Flavorz operates a professional, welcoming, yet fun environment that is determined to build and maintain our integrity. HOWEVER, Mo' Flavorz will announce our partnership with an event venue that holds up to 100 guests. 


Can we bring outside food? No. You are only allowed to bring desserts or set up a treat table. Mo' Flavorz only provides the space if we are catering your event. 


How Soon do we need to book for catering or private dining? We ask for at least a 3-4 week notice. But our availability and time needed to prep and plan determined if we will or is able to accommodate. Because we run a business on a week-to-week basis, proper timing and planning is a MUST.  Gathering products and inventory in a timely manner in the event of any unforeseen disruptions, is also a MUST. 


Can we text or DM our requests? You can, but I will likely then refer you to the website for record keeping purposes and to keep the business flow consistent. There may be moments that I will possibly miss your message, it gets lost, of even get side-tracked during a busy flow. This will also make sure that nothing is misconstrued. As for text, we ask that ALL BUSINESS REEQUEST are directed via all available business channels only.


Is there a friend or family discount. No.