Newsletter: Week Of 03/06/23

Happy Monday!!

First and foremost, thank you all for being such a pertinent part of Mo’ Flavorz! Your support doesn’t go unnoticed!!! Thank you!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

As we prepare to start the week, I wanted to share some info and provide reminders of the things to come.

1) Pickup/Takeout: Pickup/Takeout meals will resume at a later date and time. One of the things about business is the constant need for changes as you grow. That being said, after much consideration and mentoring from some of the best in the industry (if you’ve followed my journey in the last few weeks), there are some things that I’m working on that will require sacrifice and changes to best benefit the future of Mo’ Flavorz. Pickup/Takeout is one of them. It will resume at a later time with a different layout and process.

Meanwhile, during this revamp, Take advantage of Taste & Chill: An All-Inclusive Experience, and all other all-inclusive events to enjoy the flavors of Mo’ until a decision has been made on the future of pickup/takeout options. Tickets have been reduced for your convenience. Again, all events are all inclusive (food, open bar, entertainment, and more). Tell a friend and come join me! [See Menu Ahead]

2) Battle of the Sexes: Game Night - Next Friday, another inclusive event for men and women (not just for couples). This is a moment to let your hair down while allowing your inner childishness to roam free! We are partaking in “Minute to win it” games, open debates/discussions, great food, drinks, pics and more. $35pp

3) Trap & Paint: If you’re ready to put your paintbrush to work while reciting the lyrics to your favorite tunes, then come in out! Grabyour ticket and the rest is on us! Unlike any other “paint & sips,” we are providing an above and beyond experience where you don’t have to bring food, drinks or anything else except yourself! $60pp

4) Services: Remember that outside of catering and providing a private chef/dining experience, we also provide 360 AND Selfie booth rentals, beverage wall rentals and bartending services. It’s a one-stop shop, and then some! So make sure to inquire and book Mo’ for your next best experience.

[Visit the home page of to see and select desired services]